Workers Compensation coverage is a vital piece of our services. Workers’ Comp pays hospital and medical expenses, which are necessary to diagnose and treat your injured employee. In addition to this, it also provides disability payments while the employee is not able to return to work or at partial work duty. We take pride in aiding employees to get back at work with little to no pain. Our team is diligent when it comes to claims and follow each employee throughout the entire process to ensure maximum results for both client and employee are achieved. We have an A+ rated Workers comp carrier who is teamed with an exceptional TPA that works seamlessly with us to stay in the loop and control claims.

Controlling Costs

  • Negotiate Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage
  • Eliminate Workers’ Compensation Insurance Down Payment

Claim Management

  • Process Occupational Injury Claims
  • Maintain Workers’ Compensation Claim Files
  • Handle All Workers’ Compensation Audits

Maintain Costs

  • Investigate and Pursue Fraudulent Claims
  • Perform Post-Accident Drug Testing on All Occupational Injury Claims
  • Ensure Injured Workers are Treated Properly
  • Minimized Fraudulent and Unnecessary Treatments