The Solution to Your Employee Administration

Managing a business today is tricky. Government regulations, health costs, personnel and payroll problems are but a few of the obstacles faced. A Professional Employer Organization is one way to lessen the load of managing your business. Staffing Alternatives will generate and administer payroll, file payroll tax reports, make tax deposits, maintain employee records, and keep up with changing personnel laws and policies.

SAI is the Right Choice for Your Company and Your Employees

Staffing Alternatives becomes your offsite personnel department. The employees are simply transferred to our payroll. Then, it's business as usual...your company must approve everyone who works at your facility, what tasks they perform and what they are paid. Those things do not change. The nice thing is that Staffing Alternatives takes care of the majority of the paperwork, benefits, administration and other workforce related matters. Staffing Alternatives charges you one fee each pay period, eliminating the burden of writing numerous payroll checks and filing payroll reports.