What is everyone else saying about outsourcing?

We have been doing business with Staffing Alternatives since 2011.

During these past ten years, the requirements for HR Information, Tax Reporting, Unemployment Claims and COVID rules have increased significantly.

David and his staff have always provided the most current information and have Stayed Ahead of the Game, with any legal updates available. In addition, Providing ACH payroll funds and Ancillary products, at an affordable rate, helps our employee’s manage health, dental and eye care expenses.

Staffing Alternatives taking care of our Employee’s, provides us time to Take Extra Care of Our Customers.

I look forward to doing business with David and his crew for another 10+ years.


Having been in/around the PEO market for 20+ years (and a commercial insurance agent for almost 30), I can easily say that that for a lot of businesses, the PEO model is exactly what they need to be looking in to.

The flexibility of a business having their own standalone work comp policy, or being part of a master policy has truly given businesses the best scenario to tailor a program to their specific needs.

As an agent on the “back side” of the deal, working with a PEO likes SPA/SAI combines all the pieces seamlessly to present insurance, benefits, payroll, etc to the client in such a packaged way that I really don’t understand why more businesses don’t utilize the opportunity. Clearly those that do, understand those benefits and run faster/more streamlined in their office versus, those that don’t.


We greatly appreciate the staff at Staffing Alternatives and all that they do. They are always so helpful and informative. We are a small business and when we found Staffing we were just looking for someone who could take care of our payroll. Staffing not only filled that need but they helped us with our Health Insurance. Owning a small business it can be difficult to find affordable Health Insurance options. We were coming up on the end of open enrollment and were super stressed with the bare options available to us and our employees. They took the stress off and got us hooked up!

Our employees love being on their payroll because they get their pay direct deposited weekly and don't have to wait for us to cut checks. We just submit their hours every week and Staffing takes it from there. Also because we signed up for Health Insurance, our employees have better options available for them and their families too! You would think that it would stop there but it doesn't, Staffing's expenses are a complete write-off on our taxes! BIG WIN! We cannot thank Staffing Alternatives enough for helping us make our small business succeed!


I have worked with SPA for nearly 10 years now. And during that time I have found them to be very attentive, responsive & professional. As a PEO broker, I work with many PEO’s in America and can honestly say that working with SPA is more like working with friends. They listen to all the issues my clients have and strive to work them out quickly and professionally. I love placing clients with them because I know that those clients will be taken care of 110%. The team of ladies at SPA are one of the best in the PEO industry. I never worry about my clients when they are with SPA. Each staff member is part of the larger team to make sure clients needs are met. And for that I am grateful. Not all PEOs are equal in that area. SPA excels at customer service. I would highly recommend any company to utilize them as the PEO of choice.


This letter is to show my appreciation and gratitude for Staffing Alternatives Inc... We have been a client of Staffing Alternatives Inc. for 3 years and in those 3 years we have been extremely pleased with the service that we have received. Staffing Alternatives takes care of all payroll and Human Resource needs for our business’ day in and day out. The service they provide is a game changer for our companies as well as myself personally, their service relieves me from these responsibilities so that I can better manage our businesses. The staff at Staffing Alternatives always exempts true professionalism, they are informative, helpful, knowledgeable, and always available to help when needed. I cannot praise their efforts enough and I highly recommend this company to anyone who owns a business.



Just wanted to say Thank You:

After several changes in staff and needing help with payroll, we contacted Staffing and Payroll and spoke with Schonda regarding our needs. After the conversation we signed up and began using your services in 2017. Since then, we have come to rely on Staffing and Payroll and feel we have a great relationship between not only our businesses but also with the staff members.

The benefits of using a PEO are much greater than I expected.

  • We have peace of mind that Payroll Taxes and benefit fees are paid timely and accurately
  • We have benefits to offer to our employees, that include Free 10k Life Insurance by SPA which our employees find to be an exceptional benefit to receive at no cost to them or our company.
  • Payroll is processed easily and timely with direct deposit for all employees
  • Knowledgeable HR, Payroll staff that can answer all of our tough questions
  • They handle all Workers Compensation Payroll Reporting, Audit and Renewal thus freeing us from this timely burden

We have had a wonderful experience utilizing all Staffing and Payroll has to offer and not only want to say thank you but would highly recommend your services to anyone we know.



Partnering with Staffing Alternatives, Inc. has been a huge benefit to our company as far as reducing our administrative costs. The time savings to our small business by freeing up our staff to focus on our customer’s needs gives us the peace of mind that our resources are being used in more productive areas. Having your human resource professionals only a phone call away is invaluable to a small business like ours. The health insurance outsourcing is also very cost effective, as Staffing Alternatives, Inc. has excellent plans and we've seen very low increases. The bottom line is we've reduced costs and have the ability to tap in to your many resources for any business-related question.

Also, Staffing Alternatives, Inc. has been very proactive in working with our Human Resources staff. You all have refined our employee handbook, implemented our Drug-Free Workplace program and continually keep us updated on all HR compliance. I personally have found Staffing Alternatives, Inc. to be very helpful in the thoroughness and response time when I call with any questions regarding payroll and benefits administration. With today's ever-changing laws it is difficult to keep up with the labor laws and regulations. As a small business, we find it a great comfort to have their expertise at our fingertips.

We look forward to a long partnership.



I have had a business relationship with Staffing Alternatives, Inc. for five (5) years. This relationship began with a previous employer and when my current employer was established I was asked who I would recommend as a PEO. My first and only recommendation was Staffing Alternatives, Inc. All of their employees are very professional and go above and beyond the call of duty to assist their clients.


We have been using Staffing Alternatives since 2011. My experience with them has always been very pleasant and very professional. Always very helpful and will go the extra mile when needed. Not to mention they have very reasonable rates. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Payroll and Payroll Tax Service.